Dhar: Tour of Madhya Pradesh: Episode 9

Dhar is a city located in the Malwa region in the west of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Our next stop was Bhojshala in Dhar. The Bhojshala or “Hall of Raje Bhoj” immediately next to the tomb of Kamāl Maula which was made of recycled temple columns and other architectural parts. Sanskrit and Prakrit inscription from the time of Arjunavarman of 11th Century was found in the walls of the mosque.  The text on the walls of Hall of Raja Bhoj were parts of a drama called Vijayasrinatika composed by Madana, the poet and teacher in king Bhoja’s kingdom. These finds, particularly the grammatical inscription, prompted K.K. Lele, the Superintendent of Education in kingly state of Dhar, to name the building as Bhoj Shala, or ‘Hall of Bhoja’, in reference to King Bhoja.  . Bhojshala is presently an archaeological site under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Kamāl Maulā is a spacious enclosure containing four tombs, the most notable of them the tomb of Shaykh Kamāl Maulavi or Kamāl al-Dīn. Maulavi was a follower of Farīd al-Dīn Gaṅj-i Shakar and the Chishti saint Nizamuddin Auliya . These tombs were built in 13th to 14th century AD.

After Bhojshala we proceeded to Bhopal via the town of Dhar and Indore. On the way we saw a beautiful Jain temple, Bhaktambar Abhyuadham Adinath Swetamber Jain Temple from a distance, but due to paucity of time did not enter the temple. . However we stopped at another beautiful Hindu temple, Indorama Shri Ram Temple in the city of Indore.


Dhar is small town and not many hotels are available. The tariff is around Rs. 1000 per night for double bedroom. One can book through:

Budget Restaurants:

  • Sweet India
  • Vyanja Vatika
  • Hotel Patel Highway
  • Maharana Hotel
  • And so many more

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